Saturday, July 23, 2005

I thought God was my friend

... but you can't paint a carport when there are sporadic showers coming your way. Olivia and Shane are supposed to be coming round this morning to do so but hopefully I will be able to steer them towards the bathroom, which also has to be painted. Unfortunately this will then mean I can't have a shower for two days but whatever.

Last night Michael and Nicola and Nicola's sister and her boyfriend (I'm unsure of how to spell Nicola's sister's name so, out of respect for her culture I will not attempt to render it here - if only the world had adopted the Shaw alphabet years ago, rather than widespread use starting in a couple of years once I really start publicising it a lot). It was a reasonably subdued evening - they were all tired off their drive Syd-Mel, and then there was drinking as well, Rawson's Retreat and Jacob's Creek. I made a lasagne, a private joke to myself as when Simon, Ginger, Francesca, Tom and Ada came round last Monday I also made a lasagne. Ha ha. Well, it's a private joke. This one was probably not quite as good as time got the better of me and I panicked white-sauce wise, though it was still alright I suppose. Then we had some of the Coconut Jam on rice, which everyone said was very palatable but no-one finished, even though it was a small amount. The dogs liked it though.

Got to get up to Bunning's and get some bathroom paint.

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