Wednesday, July 20, 2005


I am seriously considering going to Subway up the road. Then I will come back and have the one coffee of the day. I made bulk porridge this morning for the dogs to eat some. I could't eat what was in my bowl so I poured the remainder back into the pot, and let it cool and then distributed it amongst them, but I must say I felt ambivalent about mixing leftover porridge with clean porridge in the cooking pot. Funny that.

This morning about 5 minutes from work I almost collided with a massive fawn 4WD which shot out from a side-street in a manner that suggested a rabbit when you come too close to its burrow. I must have scared the poor thing. I slammed on the brakes and honked the horn. I was worried that perhaps I was in shock (it was a very near miss) and didn't know whether to stop the car because I might be going to do something weird. But I don't think I did. (I mean I didn't stop, and I don't think I did anything weird).

Tonight I'm going to see Ed Kuepper and Jeff Wegener, see you there.


a said...

That incident with the fawn four wheel fuck sounds absolutely horrifying. I think you should steer clear of anything remotely transport themed for today and comfort yourself with something a bit more flavoursome than a roll (or do they just sell wraps?) from Subway. Nice cream bun, perhaps?

I am never going to get my driver's licence.

boy said...

I find it disturbing I will miss the opportunity to see Ed and Jeff. You should try and extract a lock of hair from each and then when the technology is ready we can recreate the performance on your back stoop.

David said...

Too many locks of hair have already been extracted I fear.