Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I like the easybeats

I listened to very early Easybeats - 'For My Woman' through to 'Sorry' - this morning in the car. It sounded grouse. They had a Motown approach, every song had a strange hook or noise, like really choppy guitar or unusual chord changes that really get you in. The Europeanness of the backing vocals is also very appealing. Stevie's lyrics are sometimes pretty remarkably peculiar too - kind of everyday but really getting to the crux of the importance of the everyday. The jokes in 'She's So Fine' (like counting 1, 2, 3... 6!) are similarly tops. I mean in truth I still prefer late period Easybeats, 'Land of Make Believe' and 'The Shame Just Drained' though not 'The Music Goes Round My Head' or 'Peculiar Hole in the Sky', both of which suck. As does 'Good Times'. But there is a lot to love about the Easys. Vanda and Young are a parrallel universe, but good, Lennon/McCartney.


axel withers said...

You are a publisher of lies

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