Tuesday, January 02, 2007

stupidest dream EVER

Great way to start the new year, with the stupidest, most boring, annoyingly fatuous dream ever. Probably inspired by dipping into the Trouser Press guide to 90s music a few times yesterday and also by thinking to myself, I should look up the Scottish band Flowers in the International Encyclopaedia of the New Wave. And perhaps by the subject of the previous post...?

I dreamt (or is it dreamed? Now I can't remember) I received in the mail an enormous press kit for an album by an American punk band called The Idiot. The album was apparently the worst album ever made, according to the covering press release, which did not even make a particularly interesting case for this fact: it just said that The Idiot made this really terrible album, considered not putting it out, then decided they may as well.

Flipping through the press kit, full of photocopied reviews etc, I saw a comic strip which dealt with the formation of a number of 80s punk bands in various locations around the world, with only the locales themselves as illustrations. Two frames concerned the formation of a Brisbane punk band in a city parkland. Another on a Florida golf course, etc. The punchline was 'The Idiot', a reference the reader was supposed to get outright which I guess demonstrated the impact this album, or maybe just the band generally, had on the esoteric scene it was a part of.

I can't believe I had such a stupid dream, and I'm detailing it in full right here in the hope that publicising it will stop me ever having such a lame dream ever again.

Even the name of the band is pathetic. I recall there was a band (in the 80s?) called Idiot (The) which is a better name. Never heard them.

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