Saturday, January 06, 2007

whiskey notions

There is no better way to spend Saturday night than drinking whiskey and soda, in the company of one's spouse and pets, knowing there are corn chips in the cupboard, and it being much cooler than it has been. When they told me being in my 40s would be the best time of my life it's not that I didn't believe it but I did wonder what that would entail. Now I know.

Last night Ashtray Boy played a show at IDGAFF which is in Hoddle St Abbotsford. Yes, I know, I didn't publicise it in advance but I didn't want you all there being admiring. I'll let you know before the next show. We played very well considering limited rehearsals and the shabbiness of those rehearsals that did occur. I was happy with it. We played with Plastic Palace Alice (pictured) who I thought were pretty grand, actually, and nice people too. Happy with them.

This evening we went to see Marie Antoinette. I had no real preconceptions, though I did wonder why Mia was so keen to see the film. We were having a beer and a coffee (guess who had what) outside the Sun Cinema in Yarraville prior to going in, and a well-known music identity went past, a person who I had only met for the first time a few days before when I interviewed him for my book. We exchanged some pleasantries and when I reminded him that he had kindly offered to burn me a copy of a notable compilation album that I had not been able to lay my hands on for love or money, he invited us to drop by his house nearby after the film and he would do it there and then, which was kind. We then discussed Marie Antoinette and the mixed reception it had had. Mia at this point said that she wanted to see it because she enjoyed the films of Sofia Coppola. I'd either had no idea, or she'd told me this and I had then forgotten.

Marie Antoinette was, in my first words after leaving the film, 'fuckin' great'. Now, admittedly, I am a child of the early 80s, and I was completely sold just via the opening credits, under which ran the Gang of 4's 'Natural's not in it'. That is about the coolest thing that I could see/hear in a cinema, and my only regret was that myself aged 18 wasn't there to witness it. But aside from that, I loved the way the whole thing was done, from beginning to end. The only thing I didn't like was the socialist woman next to me who snorted whinnyingly at MA's attempts to act like the peasantry. Geez. We got it, lady.

Anyway, on the whole, a great movie. KD is a champ as usual and whatsy who plays Louise XIV is an absolute gem. Hats off to Rose Byrne, Judy Davis, Rip Torn - what a beaut - and the whole look and feel of this great film. I l-o-v-e-d the 60s hippie referencing camerawork towards the end.

On the whole, things going pretty fine. And you?


Galaxy said...

Everything is just dandy, thanks for asking.

Today I went and saw Blood Diamond which I thought was much better than David Stratton said. I've also seen Babel which was much worse than he said.

I have also wanted to see Marie Antoinette, I hope you're more reliable than your namesake ; )

sadie. said...

Marie Antoinette didn't get great reviews but everyone i know who's seen it loved it.
I also went to see Blood Diamond. It was alright. In my eyes Leo's acting will never live up to his performance in Titanic.
Happy Feet has definitly been my favourite holiday movie thus far.
I also saw something else recently, which can't have been great as i've now forgotten what it was.

boy said...

I'm okay. Thank you for thinking of me. Gorgeous man.

carla said...

Regarding MA ... l-o-v-e-d, r-e-a-l-l-y??? I read something about the film over Xmas and got excited about going along--for much the same reason as Mia ... although I wouldn't expect you to know this or remember, just by the by. I went to see the film on (the day after) Boxing Day with my fellow co-parent ... I mention parenting as it is a prerequisite for not being able to go to to see many films and this was our annual outing. I walked out cool, though ... I did enjoy aspects, but did you really think that Kirten Dunst did any acting??? The 80s music was enjoyable from a nostalgic point of view, though abrasive at times, I thought--didn't you??? I thought the music and contrmporary references were done a heap better than in Moulin Rouge, though, I'd be curious to hear what you though of MR. Loved the Ashtray Boy & PPA show the other night too btw ...

eddy said...

yeah yeah, but who's the well-known music identity and what's the notable compilation album?!