Saturday, December 30, 2006

you are idiots

At Gladstone Park shops brotherhood bin.


din said...

There's a similar sign next to the brotherhood bins outside Moreland station, same handwriting and all. Doesn't seem to be working though

Anonymous said...

Yep, all the '06 stuff made for a very enjoyable read and the way you combine unsentimental whimsy with the heartfelt is a real hallmark and an accomplishment of note - sorry if this reads like an essay marker's comment predicating an A+ score, but it's true!

and because I've never before had a place to set down my wee list of top music related Dave types here it is - there's you, Graney, P.Ubu Thomas, Ray's little brother, Studdert, McCormack and usually it stretches longer but enuff for today.

tagatest is the word verification word and it's a good one