Thursday, January 03, 2008

recent events

Recent events have occurred which I will now put forward.

* Kenzie had his first bath, and did not like it.
* Laurie had his (umm) second birthday, and had a good time though I hope he soon learns the correct response to 'goodbye Laurie' is not 'goodbye Laurie'. Or do I perhaps hope he shall never learn it?
* Olivia made a good joke at Laurie's party which I now don't remember but it was something about whether Niamh would embarrass her parents at the cutting of the cake, and Olivia said 'she will only embarrass herself'. You had to be there or perhaps you were.
* New Estate have finished mixing their third album
* It will be hot tomorrow and the day after (this is I admit not a recent event - yet) (depending on when you're reading this, that is)
* Joe Boyd's White Bicycles is quite good but could have been much (25 times) longer. It made me want to hear the Incredible String Band, though having heard them, I did kind of think big deal.
* The Pretzel shop at Broady plaza is good.

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