Sunday, January 20, 2008

three cheers for lort smith

Millie and I spent a few hours in the waiting room at the emergency Lort Smith last night because she pulled her bandage off and wouldn't leave her leg alone. The emergency cases that came ahead of us you wouldn't want to know about. Millie, although she wouldn't leave her leg alone (she obviously has some issue about its ownership) was basically very good and the time reminded me yet again what a patient and noble soul she is. She is now walking round the disgruntled owner of a large plastic collar to stop her worrying at her wound, so may be experiencing some regret ('why am I so flipping subservient?')

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Anonymous said...

hi David,
how are you? I am fine. Got book deal:twenty chapters on modern life. i quote you - is that OK?
You subservient thing you. Actually, you're from Kew aren't you David? Be truthful/ not angry! I've had 3 pets with collars you big bourgeoisie sook!