Tuesday, January 08, 2008

toby time

Yesterday when Millie and I were at the vet's (she is having something that looks like a small brain removed from her ear next week) we encountered a 14-year-old terrier with a skin rash called Toby. It must be quite a rash to have its own name but there you go. Today I got a text from Toby Dutton asking if I was on campus and two seconds later a phone call from Toby Creswell asking if he could interview me for Great Aust Albums series II. I mean wow if I encounter one more Toby in this 24 hour period I think I will just plain toby out.


bls said...

his skin rash is called toby? what's his name?

David said...

Gotcha. His name is Impetheral Fyfe VII.

Ann O'Dyne said...

so you won't be having Uncle Toby's Oats for breakfast then?

Best wishes for doglets fast recuperation.

Anonymous said...

I love that photo of Gram Parsons on your blog. It's hot.


Pamela des Barres.

Please do NOT enforce comment moderation because of liloleme.

stephen said...

hey David i loved that photo of Sammy Davis on your blog. god David you are a mind-reader. the whole blog thing is a bourgeois joke - you quit my-space to go with this - fifty ok's before a post is accepted. David - quit your job - permanency means nothing. do you think the craven fops have permanency?
you big nancy-boy?
Does it freak you out someone questioning your values - permanent at Melbourne uni - isn't that a saw on all your values?