Saturday, January 12, 2008

it's official

I have a new job. To those not paying too much attention it might not look radically different from my old job. I'll keep you posted as to how different it really is.

I have to admit getting rid of my myspace was partly because I knew this new job was coming up and myspace - if you're a consumer, not a publiciser of creative work hoping to be in touch with your consumers - is a bit babyish, I feel. I certainly didn't welcome the time one of my students found me on myspace. So I am not there anymore. I only started that myspace account because I was writing about things like that for The Big Issue (that's my story, I'm sticking to it, and it's true, though it's also true that I got a bit into myspace and the cool people I could contact through it). Though I daresay a student could pretty easily happen upon this blog. That, I think, is OK though I daresay they will be daunted by its general boringness.

Warning: the following information may be considered scintillating by some:

Tomorrow I am going to Oakleigh.


Wayne said...

Were you actually able to delete your MySpace account? I tried to, but the mythical confirmation email they promised never arrived - and without it you can't delete the account.

Dorian said...

Congratulations - on the job that is, not teh going to Oakleigh

David said...

No Wayne, it's still there and I think I am just going to finally have to change its name to 'I'm for paedophilia' or something to get them to delete it. I'll have to learn how to spell paedophilia first but. Thanks, Dorian, for the congratulations.

Wayne said...

Oh, and congratulations on going to Oakleigh, and the new job.