Thursday, January 31, 2008

wisdom of the ages

Today it struck me that people are looking more and more like other people. For instance, a couple of days ago on the train I saw a man who looked exactly like Adam Sandler. Of course he was playing up to it by having the same haircut. But other people are looking more like other people, other than themselves. I think it is part of God's Great Plan to have us all eventually looking like one person, though I am not sure who.

I have been listening to a few BBC programs the last few months, and I think they know because they keep talking about the people round the world who listen. I listen to The News Quiz, Just a Minute (an old favourite from my early teenage years, Clement Freud is still a beaut) and Thinking Allowed occasionally and In our time. I love the peremptory way Melvyn Bragg begins In our Time, don't you.

I mean none of the serious stuff is a match for Late night live etc, by the same token if we're talking Radio National, it beats that spurious NPR bullshit to death with its own stupidity (those people are so frigging smug). Honestly, I was listening to an NPR chat last week on RN and the woman talking was explaining how she explained conciliation of some sort to her granddaughter it was so vomitous I literally was annoyed. Who are these fuckwits.

Meanwhile, the drawn-out departure of Janae from Neighbours continues. Despite her absurd taylorcottered name, Eliza Taylor-Cotter is one of the best actors Neighbours has seen, and Janae's twists and turns have been fun from the beginning (now she has generally forgotten she isn't supposed to pronounce the g in 'frigging', 'listening', 'talking' etc, that fakish workin' class speakin', she's even better). To compensate, the producers of Neighbours are giving us triple-dose Carmella, one of the least appealin' characters in Neighbours evah, and her freakin' baby Ecoli. Puke!


wayne's tony said...

yay! my favourite blog tag again.

Ginger said...

"I love the peremptory way Melvyn Bragg begins In our Time, don't you."

Yes I blurry do! Again you're all, "i'm in ur hed, stealing ur thortz". Do you also get the emails that go with the show? They've got the same "as I was saying" vibe. Sometimes I wonder if he's sending me chatty emails because we actually made friends IRL, and I've just completely forgotten about it.