Monday, January 21, 2008

hey it's now

I noticed that in the 3 years of this blog I have successively posted six times less each year (though the first year, if I recall correctly, I didn't start till a third of the way through the year).
Looks like thus far I am breaking that habit though I guess it's early days yet.
Today was OK I went to Reservoir a place I love to go to and took some pictures, and even saw something that I might even have had a hand in, as per my usual role of conduit of other people's good ideas (you've probably heard about me taking the Beat Happening album to the Legend, man if nothing else is in my obituary that will be, it was the reason I was put on earth by the lord) anyway I will just tantalise you unfairly with that statement as I may not have had anything to do with it I'll check it out and get back to you how stupid what a thing to write.
Millie still has a 'buster collar' (that is their name) on her head which she seems to be able to handle ok. Have to take it off her if she wants a drink or food. After about 3 seconds she starts licking her leg. Rather her than me but in fact neither of us are to do that. She is on anti-inflammatories which she gobbles up.
I got the Fanny Adams album I bought on eBay in the mail today. It is pretty good. I love how there's a song on it called 'Gotta get a message to you'. I cannot imagine what the motivation behind that was (FA was a supergroup, one of its members is Vince Melouney who was in the Bee Gees and played on their song called Gotta get a message to you, at least I assume he did, he would have played it live anyway). It's actually a pretty good album, with some funny/strange stuff, bluesy. Good drumming.
It got in the way of what I was going to do today - listen to the third Pink Flamingos album. But I will.
See ya!!!


Anonymous said...

hang the rich - david. Nothing happening. Got book contract - 20 3000 word essays on modern life & architecture for hardie/grant. basically stole your narrative! don't b angry. when are we gettin g together? I await ya call. ya know how ta ring don't ya? put one figer . . . etc

boy moritz said...

Admit it David you only listen to the Pink Flamingos so you can look at the cover art

Anonymous said...

You and me straight down the line - the double indemnity of it all.

Discreetly charming and bourgeois,

Miss Jane Greer, Kew