Tuesday, January 08, 2008


That said I have had the chance on occasion to work with people I admire and usually fuck it up. The one real exception was the songs Stephen O'Neil and I did with Mark Perry which ended up on an Alternative TV album sometime later. That was great, I mean I didn't do anything masterful but I suppose I held my own, and we recorded those with Steve Albini which was fun. The fuck ups include (I was just reminiscing about this with Geoff from Sly Hats/Crayon Fields yesterday) an early Beat Happening recording which I just couldn't do, I was scared or daunted or something, which is weird. A live show with Gilmore from The Yips when I just couldn't get the rhythm of the song - that was embarrassing - it was I think at Lounge Ax in Chicago. And similarly a show at the Punters with Alastair Galbraith about 8 years ago - I just couldn't get the song at all. These last two were pretty impromptu, which is probably the biggest hurdle. Embarrassing though.

There are no doubt others that I have suppressed.
I admit the above might be more my impression/perception than anything but still... one does stuff things up sometimes. There's no shame in it, well, there is, but there's no point fretting over the shame or being ashamed of the fretting.

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Anonymous said...

David, David: you did absolutely 100% fine on that song! I dunno what yer talking of! Rock love, G