Monday, January 28, 2008

long weekend

It has been a pretty good long weekend. I was up in Ballarat this morning to do the final proofing/corrections on the history book I am co-editing, and B'rat was nice 'n' empty 'n' its usual picturesque self, I was thinking about the way it's been so comprehensively heritagised, with its 19th century McDonalds and its Kryal Castle and so on. Who's ever been to Kryal Castle? I've never known anyone to have gone there.

Millie is the one big concern, she is still being bothered by her wounded leg which is a problem for all of us, she has (as you can see) a bucket (aka Buster Collar) on her head and she has devised a way to scrape at the leg with the edge of the bucket when it bothers her, so it's not getting massively better or as the vet says 'scabbing up'. I suppose it will but meanwhile she is not comfortable and it's a bit gross. though as you can tell perhaps from this para I am not as bothered by it as I was.

I went to visit my grandmother Mavis in hospital where she is recovering from a chest infection. She seemed very well actually, you'll be pleased to hear. Slight cough. She seems to be a global warming sceptic but I didn't probe; perhaps it's more on her general philosophy that everything is cyclic.

We went to the DuttonPictonWarlow rural hice on Saturday for a birthday celebration of Miranda's. Mia, Fran/Hairy and James/Toby performed, as did the neighbour whose name I forget (sorry) but I think it began with G, and he did a Fats Waller number very finely. There was cake and I spoke to a man called Jim Bus about plate tectonics. In Daylesford I saw Fiona and Nom, two people I think about a lot but never see, and it was strange to run into them in Daylesford.

Now I am listening to Fanny Adams and this week I have to compile 2 readers and 2 powerpoint shows. Wish me luck.


wayne's tony said...

I have been to Kryal Castle, I think I was about 12. I remember watching the jousting tournament. There may also have been wenches in pointy hats.

David said...

Was the jousting gruesome? Were you on a school trip or something, or did you just wander in?

Anonymous said...

And to recap on our conversation - if Melvyn Bragg wants to take the entire continental shelf on to a crowded peak hour train, then in my view he has an alienable human right to do so.

Yours with an unfuckingbelievable sense of personal entitlement

Jim Bus.

PS - Thanks for the lift(s) & handbag-related mercy dash

Dysthymiac said...

There are 3 Maccas in Ballarat.
The first one visitors see, is on the site of the bakery where the 1854 stoush we now know as the Eureka Rebellion, was planned.

I am not sure the 'Rat has 'been heritagised' - the old stuff has survived simply by being left alone until the 1971 development of Sovereign Hill re-energised the city.
The gold rush made the Rat a very wealthy place by 1900, but water seems to be the new gold - yesterday I looked at the bone-dry lake and wondered where all the black swans have gone.