Monday, December 31, 2007

two unusual signs seen today

One, on a pallette of ice at the Gladstone Park service station, in texta on cardboard:

'Ne pas toucher. Voir Gerard'

Two, on the side of a building in Tullamarine:

'Rod's hand held snacks'


Anonymous said...

David i love your blog. I've read it at least fifteen times. It's nearly as good as sophie's cunninghams. I was reminded by your remarks about class etc when I looked at hers. Michelle de kroster or whatever, so provincial, so try-hard. Very bemusing. your school pal sent me a message, guy I believe, he's a good songwriter. I no longer give out advice. Does Mia get cross if i ring and ask for you? I've never met her that's all. Next time i shall introduce myself. working on my book of music essays, not bad.hope you are having fun, i think i'll wear you down yet.

Anonymous said...

sorry. i was bored. it was hot and obviously i was hot under the collar.

David said...

Thank you Stephen. The first comment is pretty fucken weird, in places.

Anonymous said...

not that fucken weird - was referring to a comment you made about class on the phone. Sophie's blog reminded me about your remark - that you can never change your class, which if you think about it - is totally ridiculous.
or as Devine signed my autograph on Countdown.