Tuesday, June 28, 2005

that seventies show

Channel 7 have a double helping of That Seventies Show on in the morning. What a joy. One thing (amongst a few) that really blurred my feelings of resentment/hostility towards a bunch of students I had last year was that they were all really into TSS and used to watch downloaded or otherwise stolen copies of the show in breaks. I think it is hilarious and I like it more and more. It's great to think I will get to see at least six more episodes this week! My favourite is definitely Kitty (Eric's mother) - the woman who plays her is a comedic genius. It would probably drive you mad playing that character too much, or at all, though.

Millie seems fine, though she is still growling a bit. She might just be getting old and cranky. I know what that's like.

Yesterday when Peter Hogg and I were talking I spontaneously said I had no desire to see War of the Worlds, which opens tomorrow. Since then I have been overwhelmed by a desire to see it. I believe Tom Cruise is in it who I really despise on a number of levels, though I suppose the main one is I think he's a shitty actor. No, I know he is. And I don't want to hear 'what about Magnolia?' He wasn't that good in that film, and one swallow doesn't make a summer anyway. (Tuesday is cliche day incidentally)

This is shaping up to be a good week on Neighbours, I'm glad I'm semi on holiday (I would always write on a student essay, 'semi is not a word'). (So maybe I'm totally on holiday). It's kind of weird that the two good-or-are-they-bad guys, Paul and Darcy, are both in hospital - while I suppose it gives each Karl's ear and presumably the whole truth about Izzy will come out, but nevertheless, it seems like a disruption to true soap equilibrium to have two hospitalised timebombs. Well, we've coped with worse.

Anyway, I have 21 out of 23 (I had two under my belt by the time TSS came on!) exams left to do. This is my final batch, then I put in the marks tomorrow. That will feel pretty good (except the few that fail - c'est la guerre, pom poms).


boy said...

Stop bashing Tom. Seriously, what's not to like. He saves the world and he's middle-aged!

David said...

He's a cunt.

boy said...

Does this mean you want me to wrap up my investigation into what kind of toothpaste he uses?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Tom Cruise say cunt in the most unauthentic manner in Magnolia.

boy said...

Compared to you, yes!