Monday, June 13, 2005

Empress last night

Guy, Mia and Tracey played last night. I drummed for Mia. My hi-hat broke when we got there and although we fixed it it broke again during soundcheck. It has an incredibly inconvenient bolt at the base of the central projection that links the top cymbal to the foot pedal. I had to play using the hi-hat just like a cymbal, which meant reconfiguring every song as I went. I didn't realise how important the hi-hat was to my keeping time (more so than to the actual sound of what I played). However, everyone was very happy with how it went, and all the sets were well-received. I was pretty pleased overall.

Afterwards we went to the Rob Roy for a short time, and caught the last few songs of the Kids from Russia (as Tracey said, 'any band with "Kids" in their name...') and then to Olivia's house for a loud dancing party. Olivia said during the Kids from Russia set, 'I can't stop dancing sarcastically', which I think was a pretty funny thing to say, something I think would look great on a t-shirt. Gig was there and said how much she wanted the second Driving Past album to come out (I agree, and it will happen - this year). Shane said 'Oh, you love it'. And Gig asked him what he meant and he said, 'Well, of the few things you love - you love that record.' She denied it but he said she had told him as much, in the past. It was an interesting exchange but doesn't look as good on the screen as it sounded in reality.

We got home around 3.

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boy said...

You should have stuck around. I needed someone to document the souvlaki I don't remember eating (what tipped me off the next day was a foreign object in my shoe that may have been chicken).