Wednesday, June 22, 2005

chris and marney's for dinner

A very nice night's entertainment at Chris and Marney's place last night, with Greg, Peta and John (and a cameo from Ellen) in attendance, and of course C&M's toddler Caile (or is it Caille?) (and is she a toddler? we had a debate about whether she was a baby or not) the star of the show.

I did not sleep more than three hours the night before and so after a couple of small glasses of red I fell asleep for a second and awoke under the impression that the tv, which was on the other side of the room, was going to fall over or something. I don't know really what my impression was but it woke me with a jolt. I was just tired, not bored, because we were having a good time (though admittedly Marney called me a prick because she said she was 'having a deaf moment' and I said stop shouting). (Well, I guess you had to be there). (No, actually, I guess I have to concede I was being a prick in a way, though I repeat my protest from the time that I was just joining in the general atmosphere).

They have a very nice house in Brunswick about three streets away from my sister's house and perhaps more importantly very close to I Carusi.


boy said...

Just perusing the "Rocka" post from June 18, hey did you ever hear back about the wrought iron gate from the WA gatemaker?

David said...

You're confused.