Monday, June 27, 2005

is she sick?

For the last few days Millie has been spending a lot of time up the back of the yard. Possibly this is because it's sunny up there, possibly - this is not such a good situation - because there's a bad dynamic between her and Charlie (though Charlie is often up there with her, so if Millie is trying to get away from Charlie she's going about it the wrong way). Possibly also she is sick. A couple of days ago I went up there and her stomach was kind of sucked in, and when I went up to her she threw up what looked like apple. On the other hand she is perfectly cheerful most of the time, still wants to go out for walks, etc. It's slightly worrying. It's more like she's a little under the weather than anything else. I should just take her to the vet I suppose but I'll wait a couple more days. (Later: she enjoyed a brisk walk and behaved in every other way as normal, so I will act on the assumption that she just likes sitting up there because it's sunnier).

This is our third day of crisp outdoors, quite cold, but still sunny. Really pretty pleasant although in this back room my fingers have been known to become numb. Which is where my circulation's at, I suppose.

Someone's been in the house while I'm not here. A plastic cup, which I never use and in fact haven't seen for months, has been placed in the kitchen sink. For some reason I am not creeped out, just mildly interested.

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