Monday, May 18, 2020

good news

I just got some fb messages from an old coworker seeking to dredge my memory for details on one of our bosses, who like most if not all bosses was by the way scum, but that wasn't what she was digging around about, just some dates and employment details, I don't even know why, it was relating to the late 1980s. I can barely remember that time but sort of patched together some answers based on some venn diagrams of 'well, I was working there in early 88, because it was the bicentennial...' etc. Anyway...

I was just in the cafe up the road and Abba's 'Money, money, money' was playing, and I was like, 'I remember the first time I heard this - it was when my father was in hospital with sciatica that required surgery to fuse some vertebrae'. Now, I always thought that happened in '75, leading to my (and everyone else's) major Abba love affair of '76 but I just looked 'Money, money, money' up on Wikipedia and it wasn't released until '77 so it was probably 'Mamma Mia' which I saw. So the fact that I vividly remember 'Money, money, money' on TV in that private hospital where my father was either about to have, or recovering from, the operation which might have rendered him paraplegic or dead, is a false memory.

The good news is it makes absolutely completely no fucking difference to anything at all in any way!

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