Friday, September 09, 2016

Walk in and around Haukiluoma

Bit of an abortive mission this one, the flesh was willing but the intelligence was weak. I had planned to head out to the general Haukiluoma area on the bus and then walk back, however, fate got in the way. I was weighed down by an excess of apples given to me by my very considerate host/mentor at the University of Tampere, which I plan on stewing (though they're very nice as they are) and perhaps - perhaps! - even baking in a pie. Aren't I interesting. 

Anyway, getting off the bus I headed towards what I thought was a big park but which turned out to be a cemetery - this is the chapel 

And this is, I don't know, land. 

Then passing through another gate I got to this very popular forest path filled with people walking dogs and kids on bikes.
 The Cure ruined forests for me in 1980 but I've kind of got used to this ruination
Eventually I came to... a little K Market. Where I bought some Vichy water, which is what passes for soda water in yoo-rup.
These guys were outside, I think they might have been waiting their entire life to meet me, at least that was the impression they gave:

You know how when you go past some flats you think, I might never get the chance to photograph these flats ever again? That kind of thing.
If you really want to know what I did next, check the Internal Reserves blog. the entry that link links to and the two that come after it. That'll also explain what went wrong - well, basically, my phone was down to 7% battery and I needed it to get back (maps-wise), and while I thought I had my charger - well, I did, but not the connecting cable to the phone. For the want of a nail, Jack London hero in the snow with three matches, etc etc. One thing I will tell you: I went to put my Vichy Water bottle in a recycling bin at a school and some odd bod had thrown out all these music books. Can you imagine!

I couldn't let the last two go to the recycle. I kept them. Do you want them?

Oh and btw: I found an amazing bus, the 21, which went all the way to Turtoloa, as per yesterday's walk, and I got off at Nekala, and YESSS another walk through the allotments, but I won't bore you with that right now. La-ter. 

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