Wednesday, September 07, 2016

walk around lakes pt 2

OK so long story short I decided I would walk back around Iidesjärvi which you may recall is the lake slightly to the north-east of where I'm staying. I had walked part of its south side but nothing more.

What I didn't bank on was the sun going down, who knew that would happen?! So I didn't get to see much really. Here's a weird thing. I don't know what this is, actually:
But what I do know is there's something quite like it in the car park of the shopping centre I visited a few days ago:
Do you see a similarity? Of course you do they're freakin' identical. Except the first one has a great piece of cat-related graffiti on it. OK so anyway the only other pictures I have are of the allotment area that I visited yesterday. I said I'd return and I did but it was really too dark for anything:

The end, no moral.

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