Saturday, September 17, 2016

saturday: käpylä, pispala

Today has been very productive (and it's not over yet), but in fact I think the stories from today will have to be farmed out to other platforms - e.g. the new podcast I'm going to be starting with Elizabeth Taylor in a few months and also the internal reserves blog (see link at right) as well as a forthcoming book. So, sorry but not too much to report at this juncture, but all will presently be revealed, and since you don't care too much now, I think you can hold on until later. 

In the interim I will just mention I was lucky enough to go to this market just north-west of Tampere central. I didn't buy anything (untrue actually, I bought a pair of mittens - those are going to be completely useless to me for the next 8 months or so, by which time I surely will have lost them) but as usual I got a good look at the weird world of Tampere. Which is, mainly, the consumption of currants (which are incredibly delicious, such an adult fruit) and forest mushrooms, but I can dig that. 

Just prior to the above, a quick foray into the Käpylä so-called flea market, which was probably just getting under way which was probably why there was pretty much no-one there and only two stalls, a block apart from each other. Anyway, I was kind of irritated to see this guitar because I'd been hoping to find a cheap shitty (or any) guitar to practice on while I was travelling but no go. If I'd found this in the first week, well, it would have been a hassle to carry around but it would have been pretty darn useful. I'm almost about to leave Europe though (in a couple of weeks) including flying to Paris so I don't need this baggage weighing me down do I. IRONIC that's all. 

Li'l scabby eyed thing

OK and then later, in Pispala I dropped into a gallery that was quite good. Have a look: 

I don't want to be like an old person. In this, or anything but... I don't think this was part of the exhibition.

The catalogue. I know you're going to say, 'how do I know what everything is, when I can't see the numbers?' well the fact is the original exhibits didn't have any numbers on them either. The exhibition was called Clear Cut so naturally I wanted to find the artefact entitled 'Clear Cunt' if only to, a la old person wondering about the chocolate wrapper, figure out whether that was a typo. But I couldn't find it. 

Don't lock horns with the gallery owner:

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