Thursday, September 22, 2016

thursday morning

OK so not much. I went to look at a 19th century housing block in Tammela which I'll document on the internal reserves blog if & when I get the chance to download the photos onto my computer, which has been an ongoing hassle as far as storage is concerned. I went to a Fida shop (actually, I was already at this shop on the weekend, but for some reason I went back and for some reason it was much better than it had been a few days ago). Going back into town I saw this block, which is probably early C20 vintage, surely bound to become some kind of minor touristy lunch spot as soon as they fix the way the railway line cuts off the town at the east end.
This building is also kind of nifty, I wonder what it is or was:

I suppose it's a chain, there are vegetarian restaurants around Tampere called Gopals. I wasn't that hungry but I saw it and wanted to give it a try. At another table a family (?) were apparently filming or videoing (whatever) themselves eating and talking. This picture shows nothing because the woman in the crimsony jumper is obscuring what is actually a very large camera on a tripod. You will have to trust me if that's alright.
 Angle on the rapids between the lakes I hadn't seen before, and nightmarish statue.
 Wayne's Coffee.
Honestly I was photographing the interior of Waynes Coffee and this employee walked over and started reading the paper. She was nice and had a lot of tattoos on her arms

 The rapids again and the cardboard factory.
 Not real animals but part of a statue. It was something to do while idiotic children smoked and spat at the bus stop.
Gorgeous Tampere's gorgeous theatre. What looks like a weird funnel at the right is actually the observation tower which is a long way in the distance.

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