Wednesday, September 07, 2016

walk around some lakes

If there's one thing you can do in Tampere, it's walk around lakes. I procrastinated for a lot of the day (no I worked) then decided to walk into the city for dinner, this time via Hatanpää and the arboretum which is about 15 minutes' walk west of where I am in Nekala or thereabouts. 

Obviously I was thinking a lot about what would be interesting for you, and getting a little worried there might be nothing, which is I guess why I took a picture of this Kompressorikeskus building. 

 Things soon got interesting though when I started to consider how I would get across the railway to the Pyhäjärvi shore at Hatanpää and I saw what I thought was a small road bridge across the main road (Lempääläntie, since you asked). I couldn't quite see where to get on it but it looked accessible from an empty car park so I entered and went up an embankment. This is what I found:
For a second I thought that maybe a train would come hurtling past any second but this at least suggested that while there was no guarantee this wouldn't happen, it hadn't happened for quite some time: 
 So I walked across the bridge, saw this lady and dog and bike configuration from up there:
This made me feel even more secure that there was no train due soon. But gee, you never can tell.
This is the park entrance just north of where a rather sad little creek enters the lake, Vihilahti might be the creek's name. Not sure.

Saw a red squirrel on this path but of course impossible to photograph.
 So this is the northern part of the arboretum, near Viinikanlahti.

Thing I saw.
Look these might even be old bridge supports. I wasn't sure whether to call the authorities in case they affected shipping.
I'm sure whoever built the new bridge has the matter well in hand. Why the hell did I take either of these photographs?! Your problem now.
This is more like it, some kind of dog-related event. The white fluffy one was the centre of attention. For the other dogs.

Bridge not town centre. I was worried it was a bit blurry but I figured some bridges just are
Yeah so this factory
Ultimately for whatever reason I chose to eat at a burger place. It wasn't bad. It wasn't amazing. I read the History of Finland on my iPad while I ate, I'm up to the late mediaeval period.

BUT HOW DID YOU GET BACK I hear you ask (also, 'you said "walk around some lakes" this is precisely one lake'). OK, give me a little while and I'll detail the rest of the event for you. It'll be quicker though as there's less to say

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