Monday, September 26, 2016

architecture museum

So I walked there, it was kind of rainy/drab, not much to write home about (and yet here I go). Here's the Seine. 
this thing
The architecture museum is really difficult to understand. The ground floor a bunch of mediaeval archways and statues.
I took a bunch more photos, I don't know what happened to them. Then I got to the interesting modern stuff on the 2nd floor. You really had to use your initiative to find the second floor or know it was there (except by a process of elimination, that without it there'd be nothing to keep the 3rd floor up. BUT! The third floor would then be the second floor. Perhaps it is).

 Le Corbusier's unit por l'habitation (model)
 Same but a reconstruction
Totally the highlight. So roomy!!! I always knew it would be.

I don't think these pictures convey how nice this reconstruction is.

Children's bedrooms


The man is for scale.

Blah blah. This is on the way back
My pal woot woot

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