Monday, September 05, 2016

Tampere Sunday walk

I know I have not corresponded with you much. I have been doing a lot of things and some of them (actually, my prime purpose in being here in northern Europe) are detailed here. Truth is I have a backlog of stuff to report at that blog, too. My bad. I know that putting things off doesn't make them easier to handle, unless I suppose you put them off till after you're dead. Not long now.

Here are some pictures from a three-hour walk I did around Tampere today, however, just to keep us all happy. I am staying in Nekala, or near enough anyway, in this house:
I have the upstairs, or half of it anyway, I can't really figure out how the building works but I suppose it works for me. I then proceeded towards Iidesjärvi (the lake to the north of Nekala) and around it towards Kaleva and thence Tammela, which confusingly is right next to Tampella. 
Above, the lake; below, the track around the lake, for what that's worth. It takes you to, amongst other things, a kind of dump for cut-down trees - not pictured. 
I was heading for Käpylä, which you can read about on the other blog if you want, and from there I aimed for Amuri and ultimately dinner, which was very much on my mind after a while, having eaten very little during the day. From Käpylä I went to the water (Naistenlahti) down this staircase:
 and to this monster of a factory:
Past a few warning signs, none of which I could read though I suspected this one did not apply to a balmy day like today (google translate tells me it means 'Be aware of fragile ice' in both Finnish and Swedish).
I guess the warning signs said something about how there was basically no path at the end, just building works for some new apartment development, thus:

I kind of struggled a bit but I got out of there, and walked alongside Paasikiventie for a while - basically an almost-freeway. Got to see a few bits of Tampere I think I still have to fully investigate, such as this talking point, a mansion about to fall into a crevice:

These conversation starters:
Then under Paasikiventie on the west side of the waterway between two large lakes (I can't read its name on the map) and under this railway bridge:
 Past this piece of local gossip:
 This, which I swear I thought was a cool bit of design depicting a seal coming up through ice:
 And to the whole raison d'être of everything:

(Actually, the raison d'être of everything was dinner at a thai restaurant, which was semi-bizarre but completely edible so I won't gripe). MORE SOON OK? OK

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