Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Another walk, from Atala to 'home'

Alright it's time to confess. I am in love. WITH FINLAND. I don't know how long it will last but christ what a country. The people are often fat admittedly (so why isn't it called Thatland then?) but friendly like Father Christmas. 

Today I got a bus to the wrong place but that's OK I figured out from my phone that I could deal, and walk back in a couple of hours, as long as I straightened up and flew right.

OK for starters I could have done without seeing this sentiment one more time, as much as I tacitly understand where the youth are coming from.

 Cover of my I-discover-God-for-a-couple-of-albums album.
I mean I feel your angst dude. It must be hell living in the most progressive beautiful nation on earth and yet still being unable to fly 

 Look it was there alright:
For a second I thought about getting fries and then I looked at the menu and I couldn't guess the word for 'fries':

When I die and go to Heaven and God asks me where I want to live I will say please get me this place:
 golf course

Cover of my good solo album that everyone loves. Kind of LA sound but the songs are about how I ground your face with the heel of my boot.

 Ok this is where shit got amazing. The allotment plot in Nekala. This is incredible! Don't think I'm not going back there tomorrow and, like, making a coffee table book.

Look at these! Look!

I even love this desire line. Oh wow. 'Desire' doesn't cover it. It's like pure sex. It's an emotional pump. 
Ooh la la. Luck be a lady tonight.
It's got a baby!

They were all trying to outcute each other in this little strip:

 The piece de resistance:


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