Monday, August 28, 2006

saturday of crap; sunday of OK

Friday night we went out to celebrate Ali's 26th birthday at a Jamaican restaurant in yep, you didn't guess it, Punt Road South Yarra, and I drank too much (1) daiquaris beforehand, (2) red wine during, (3) whiskey after. The next day I was of course completely written off. Ridiculous. I did not feel even slightly bearable until about 5 pm. I went and got some videos. We watched Match Point (Crime and Misdemeanours with younger English people and a vague tennis theme) and the Wallace and Gromit film (ditto but no tennis theme).

The next day was to be the first rehearsal for the Pip Proud support to Aerial Pink at the Corner or wherever. I spoke to Pip in the morning and he sounded a bit grim but up for it, but his bravery was not enough as one of the people where he lives called about an hour later and said he was too ill. So Marney, Karl, Mia and I assembled anyway to try and make some music for him, which we did, about six tunes. I played bass on one song which I haven't done since 1988 and it was as one might expect. Then we watched Friday's Neighbours and I went to bed and couldn't sleep despite reading three episodes of the not-terribly-funny Fearless Fosdick.

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richard said...

just wanted to say that i love reading about your dogs.