Tuesday, August 08, 2006

i have officially lost my mobile

It's official. A week after the last time I saw it I have to concede, I have officially lost my mobile. It may take me a few days to get another. In the meantime I was sadly unable to take a picture of the car I saw on my way to work parked in a neighbour's driveway a small black suzuki with the legend 'P.H.A.T. Caucasion' on the rear window. That spelling by the way is [sic]. I am not sure if it's a way of taking the 'asian' out of 'caucasian' like 'wimmin' does with 'men'.


Ambre Solaire said...

I first read that as "i have officially lost my marbles". So chin up, it could be worse.

David said...


FJG said...

On Saturday in Bendigo I saw a car with a large sticker on the back window that consisted of a map of Australia filled with the words FUCK OFF WE"RE FULL on it.

Richard Forster said...

In Hawaii the bumper sticker says,
"Welcome to Hawaii, Now Go Home!".

David, have you tried dialling your number from another phone? I've never had a mobile phone, so I don't know if this works, I suppose it has to be turned on?, but it is what I would do.

David said...

Thank you Richard the battery was in a state where it rarely stayed on for 24 hours, so by the time I decided it was missing it was way too late to do such a thing.

Fran I think the caucasions have won.