Wednesday, August 02, 2006

aches and pains

Everywhere I look someone seems to be telling someone else (me, probably) what blogs should and shouldn't be. The best blogs are..., the worst blogs are... and the worst blogs are invariably where people just whinge about themselves in ways that could not possibly be at all interesting to anyone ever. Yes.

I have been having a run of bad health luck in the last few months which is getting absurd. I had my neck injury the weekend before last, which incidentally seemed to be threatening to return this morning but which has now apparently gone (for good! I cast thee out!). But this hasn't stopped me having a slightly sore - I won't say it even really bothers me - right foot. I mean if I had to run two miles it might slow me down. Now I don't know if the fact that I have ignored this foot has something to do with the fact that my lower back at the left is now slightly uncomfortable? What is this all about? Am I riddled with tumours? Am I slowly developing something else degenerative? Am I... I don't understand it.

On top of this, the cold I had two weeks ago was apparently on tour, and came back for a repeat performance on Monday and Tuesday, though today it is not around at all - must be taking a day off - but why?


Annabel said...

If pain persists see a doctor.

Ambre Solaire said...

Get well soon old man.