Friday, January 30, 2009


A tip for those suffering the next Melbourne heatwave of 1908/ 2009 proportions (so hello 2110 I suppose). (Or 2011 or whatever):

If you burn your hand however mildly under water from the garden hose trying to fill the dogs' bowls in the late afternoon, do not then cut up chillies using that hand to gather, as it may well sting unpleasantly for some hours thereafter.

If you ignore the above and find yourself in such a situation, run your hand under the cold tap repeatedly.


Ann oDyne said...

thank you L.C. for
Handy Home Hint No.38,
I hope you filled some bowls of water for birds too.

I wish I understood the theory behind eating hot foods in hot climates eg Spain and Mexico with the jalapenos, and Inja with the curry.

Is the hose in the shade now?

David said...

Well yes - the shade caused by this part of the earth facing away from the sun at this moment - but I suppose no, in practical terms.

bren luke said...

do you have any aloe vera plant?

David said...

you'd recommend? pain's gone now. (oh, and 'no').

boy moritz said...

Probably not the best time to be touching yourself

David said...

Now you tell me

bren luke said...

and don't pick your nose after cutting chilli, unless you really want to.