Tuesday, January 13, 2009

much better thank you

Although it is ridiculously hot today and apparently will be for some of tomorrow too, though not in the later afternoon I believe, I do feel much better. The lipitor has worn off and now, I suppose, it’s the replacement drug (name presently forgotten) which is giving me cramps in my feet. (I have resolved to cut out as much cholesterol in my diet as I possibly can, though I seem unable to recall this in the daily excitement of buying food, so for instance I got an iced coffee with icecream. I remembered in time to say, no whipped cream.) I am writing this on the 401, which continues to be a terrific bus. One day I would like to introduce it to the 542, ‘hey, I know both you guys, one gets me to work from the station, the other less frequently gets me to a point not a million miles removed from home, from a selection of three stations. So we spend a lot of time together but you guys have never really met, have you’. Of course it might be awkward if it comes out that they don’t really know me, either, I just feel familiarity with them like I do with the coffee shop workers because I see them every day. But they see thousands of people every day.

How have you been? Had a good break? Not me, I don’t have breaks, although I do have four weeks’ accumulated leave which I really must do something about, though wasn’t it Bon Jovi who said ‘I’ll take leave when I’m dead’? Yeah (snicker).

So in case anyone else asks me, no, I didn’t go to All Tomorrow’s Parties at Mt Buller. I mean I’m sorry, but I don’t like festivals, and despite the fact that practically everyone I have ever met was there, I… er… don’t like festivals. I stayed at home and wrote a conference paper and watched six episodes of the first season of The Wire. Now there are only 3 left. I got the first four series in boxes from JB for fifteen dollars each - about as much as a movie for half a day of wasting life one'll never get back, rather than a couple of hours - etc etc whingetc.


Kirsty said...

You didn't like The Wire?

Jim Betts said...

So did you go to Mt Buller? I heard it was great.

David said...

Sorry Kirsty I equate watching long television series in bulk with wasting time. It's just my upbringing. Jim, I feel the same way about hippie jam festivals on mountains.

eddy said...

season 4 of the wire might be the best of all. by then you should be invested in the characters, and the newcomers - the schoolkids - are just fantastic. maybe you should try watching it in one- or two-hour instalments so it's like regular TV, rather than these all-day sessions.