Wednesday, February 04, 2009

props and plops

Props to - the Hume Learning Centre library, whereby I came into temporary possession of the autobiography of Les McKeown (of the Bay City Rollers): he uses 'couldnae' and 'didnae' throughout!
Plops to - whatever is making the middle finger of my left hand hurt. I'm sure it's not the chili from last week.
Props to - The New York Review of Books! It's tremendous!
Plops to - Bela, who is a stupid and annoying cat (as is clear from the picture above)
Props to - the other pets who are delightful except for
Plops to - Millie's habit of barking at the back door when she thinks she hasn't had sufficient morning attention
Props to - soda water. Who invented it!? Love 'em!
Plops to - this ill feeling in my stomach
Props to - Christos Tsiolkas
Plops to - the hole in my shoe. You can't see it? I have black socks on.
Props to - Elizabeth McCarthy.
Plops to - sleepiness
Props to - Michael K. Williams
Plops to - the church
Props to - the car heating up, having to drive to work.

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bren luke said...

props to home brand sparking mineral water