Wednesday, January 21, 2009

because i'm worth it

They just paid $287 for a 24-hour stay at the vet's during which he extracted the queen bee of grass seeds from my left nostril, which was presented to them in a small test tube, bloody on a cotton wool pillow. I have put the entire incident out of my mind - why dwell? - and am on to the next thing. I look forward to a renewed and invigorated regime of barking at nothing and sleeping in apparently terribly uncomfortable positions.


Ann oDyne said...

truly devoted pet owners must always inspect dogs after any foray beyond their own garden, and even in it, as Blogger On A Cast Iron Balcony's dog has been stung by a bee while sniffing jasmine and was transformed from a Staffy-face to a Shar Pei-face

poor babies - get well soon

David said...

You must admit a beagle nose is a good hiding place for any foreign object, Ann