Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the african man's oeuvre

I dreamt that I spied some 1960s African novels that I had left in the rain, and I went into a schtick about 'you know how you've always got a pile of African novels you leave out in the rain somewhere...?' these were detective novels by a writer whose first name was Malcolm, they were a uniform series with colour covers that simulated, to my mind, stained glass. I started to read one, having noticed them consciously for the first time, and they became my new favourite thing.

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Ann oDyne said...

an analyst might interpret that as:

you are searching for something exotic,
attractive and
in which to take pleasure.

the link is to a round-up of crime characters on film, as I could only think of Botswana's Precious Ramotswe when I fed African Crime Novel into my brain (and of course they are not 'crime' really)

It's hot enough tonight for some James Ellroy reading I think.