Wednesday, January 07, 2009

bulla cemetery yesterday


Ann oDyne said...

I love cemeteries, especially small country ones. The Yew trees can be seen from far away, conspicuous in the eucalypts.

When the Tulla Fwy was built, a cemetery was demolished or moved to accommodate it. In the vicinity of John Pascoe Fawkners farm, which was also trampled.

David said...

Well wait... is the Bulla cemetery relocated from the Tullamarine freeway site/route? It doesn't look relocated, but it would have been over 40 years ago.

A lot of land round our way was at one stage owned by Fawkner, though he passed up the opportunity to buy the land on which this house is now situated.

NB at the cemetery I disturbed a man and a woman who got into separate cars and drove off. I assume they were paying respects.