Saturday, March 03, 2007

circus royale

The circus was, as I said to Mia immediately after, about ten times better than I could possibly have imagined. Everything was amazing, and there was nothing I didn't love. Interestingly, the animal acts are pretty short and sweet, which is probably as it should be. You should have seen the delight on the faces of the kids when the little horses came out. Perhaps surprisingly the animals with the most tricks were the fantale pigeons, who walked up and down little trapezesque things and ladders and in and out of a little house. They were marvellous. I loved the way some of the animals ran out like 'at last, how exciting' - the camels were like this, and they were practically the last thing on. The cows were also good (a shetland pony runs under their legs). Llamas jump over the camels' necks. You probably think, reading this, either 'damn those spoilers' or 'he was obviously on drugs'. Neither! Anyway, I haven't hardly put in any spoilers. There is an acrobat/ juggler/ other thingser whose name might be Arora Borealis (that was what they seemed to be calling him), who came on second and was unbelievably lithe. Another segment involving a pea-whistling clown who lets a big floppy clown out of a box could have gone all wrong but was unbelievably good - I know Mia thought I was naive for saying it but I couldn't believe there was an adult woman in that floppy clown suit.

I have never said 'no way' out loud so many times in two hours. It was genuine glamour! The primary clown, who probably had more stage time than anyone, was called Justin Sane and at one stage he got a five year old boy, Charlie from Glenroy, to do some juggling. Charlie was tremendous, running over to different parts of the audience to bow to them etc. It was very funny.

Everything was in fast-paced short segments, which is great for me, as I have a dreadful attention span. If there's a little bit of repetition - various permutations of ladies wrapping their legs round their head 10 metres in the air - well, I've never seen such a thing before and doubt I'll see it again much at all. Overall, I have to say, a genuine hit. I highly recommend it.


Kirsty said...

Oh look at those clever cows waiting patiently while the shetland walks under them.

I caught a bit of Monty Python's Now for Something Completely Different... today. I'm thinking the accountant in that just might have been able to become a cow tamer, now that lions are no more.

Meredith said...

That sounds so wonderful... and circuses can be depressing. I'm going to look Circus Royale up to see if they come to Sydney.

David said...

The cows were pretty incredible.

I was saying to Mia afterwards (actually re: horses) that - all the usual cliches about city kids' notion of farm animals and their produce aside - not only would a lot of kids not really have much experience of these animals close up, they wouldn't have much idea of what they can and can't do, or do and don't do, normally. Whereas fifty years ago (magic time period) a lot of kids, probably most, would be aware of common or garden horses and cows and their usual behaviour.

Am I leading to a theory here? No, thank goodness.

DFV said...

Based on your review, I booked tickets for Saturday arvo. Looking forward to it already.

P.S Did I see a blackboard outside Polyester tonight advertising something new from New Estate?

David said...

Yes, and they got a very positive review for it in Rolling Stone this month. True.

Viagra Blog said...

I love circuses, but I find really sad how they sometimes treat the poor animals in order to train them for the tricks.
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