Thursday, March 08, 2007

can't get good help these days

It takes fifteen days to fix an escalator at Melbourne Central. I mean, I'm not a compulsive public transport whinger or anything, but does that seem a tad long? And what's with this 'with it'? Hello? Don't they teach appropriate english expression underground?


Kirsty said...

They probably have to import a motor from Europe, that seems to be the general explanation for these kind of delays. Obviously they don't expect escalators and elevators to break down in these antipodean climes since they never seem to have any spares handy for such occasions.

(Did I mention that at one of the unis I frequent the timeline for the repair of the broken down lift has been given as 5 weeks!! Cripes, I'll have to take the stairs. I'm sure that's unAustrayan)

David said...

And I also heard that they have to install down motors for the up escalators, and up motors for the down ones, if they use European motors. It's something to do with European ridiculousness.