Friday, March 02, 2007

jenny from some company

Jenny called me just before to talk to me about real estate development in my area. This sounded like a survey I actually might know the answers to, so of course I said yes Jenny. I thought she might have been reading from a sheet. She asked me about advertising I might have seen for Craigieburn, and I said yes I had seen advertising re: Craigieburn on television. She asked me what message I got from it. I said that it was a friendly and inclusive community and that people liked living there. She reeled off some other estate names (some of them were actually companies and others were actual places eg Aurora). I had heard of most of them, but not all. She then asked me where I lived. I said Jacana. Tracana? No, so I spelt it for her. She said I was not on her list of places so my answers could not be used.

At last my answers were good and they couldn't be used!

It wasn't like the survey from Louise the other day, although it kind of was. Louise had a New Zealand accent. She sounded like she might have been reading from a sheet except for the bits she skipped over once I told her that I had absolutely no interest in being any kind of a spectator to a swimming event that apparently was being held some time later this year. But she said stuff like 'I just want to go home' and after I went through the whole survey with her, cheerily giving negative answers to everything, she seemed really grateful. At one point she said 'Oh David', which was a nice thing for someone to say, although it doesn't actually mean anything except I suppose it is friendly.

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lucy tartan said...

this post makes me want to ring someone up and do a survey on them. I don't know how ot operate my new telephone, though.