Saturday, March 10, 2007


I hope you don't mind me using old Dragon songs as my post headings (I could hardly use new ones could I. After all, even New Dragon doesn't use new ones). Actually I looked at a bit of Marc Hunter on YouTube this evening. I find it hard to find Dragon, because of course there are lots of other things called Dragon, not just them. So I was searching on Marc Hunter but I pretty much just found Marc Hunter. Not that that's a bad thing. There is a clip of him doing 'Big City Talk' on Countdown in '79.

So tonight I did a few things I want to share on you (in a few years, people are going to be saying that kind of speak is so mid-noughties). I finished, finally, the first draft of a paper I am co-authoring and I even did a bit of detective work I am quite pleased with, re: a certain parliamentarian leaving parliament due to ill-health but somewhere else (a source published 55 years later) it says a certain p'tarian resigned because of something he DID to the honour of the country, and I think I have put two and two together - it's the same month and everything (May, but I'm keeping the year to myself). The only thing that queers my pitch is that the p'tarian did actually die (of ill-health) less than two years later.

One dead 20th century guy per paragraph, that's me, although I'm about to spoil my average.

Then I watched a couple of eps of Veronica Mars. It's going to be hard to explain to Mia when she gets back from her fishing trip tomorrow that I have watched a lot of Veronica Mars while she's been away but sheesh. What can I say. I like it. Here are the things I like about Veronica Mars:

1. Her dad
2. She is always accusing people of things, it's really catty and you know that she is almost always wrong when she does it, and then you think 'well - that accusation did actually get them to tell her something else...'
3. There are some really good lines. I laughed twice in the two hours I was watching it tonight. I can't remember what at specifically.
4. The theme song
5. Wallace
6. Backup
7. It is not that cheesy
8. Veronica and her dad eat a lot - just like me
9. Piz
10. Themes sometimes relate to planning/ governance/ politixx

Anyway I have to go because tomorrow I am helping (by bringing the tapes) put the Sidewinder demos onto a CD. Simon did a rough mix of the live tapes and they're pretty OK. If the demos are good, the album will be really good.

Other good things on YouTube: Hello Sailor, Th' Dudes doing 'Walking in Light' - yo check it out.

Tomorrow also I am going to the dog beach. Should I take the dogs? No, those ingrates.


Meredith said...

You could only really go to the dog beach without the dogs if you were prepared to be very doggy yourself whilst there. Otherwise there's no point.

Sophie said...

I too am becoming increasingly keen on Veronica Mars. I particularly concur with points 4 & 5. Also, I think Logan is hot.

David said...

I don't think of him that way.

lucy tartan said...

Never heard of Th' Dudes before. You should post more youtube links.

David said...

B-but the woman who introduced that clip says they were huge in Australia!

lucy tartan said...

Not in Warrnambool? Couldn't get a word in edgeways what with Goanna and everything.

David said...

I know, they weren't huge in Australia at all. It's a New Zealand myth. I only know what little I know of Th' Dudes because Flywheel did a cover of the same song I URLed. But I also picked up a copy of the single when I was in Brisbane in December. It was the only single the guy didn't charge me above marked price on.