Saturday, March 10, 2007

altona reverie

Went to the dog beach today, at Williamstown or at Altona perhaps (or at Seaholme). Charlie went apeshit over certain dogs that came near her, who were probably expecting something immature like to 'play'. In a sense she almost did kind of play with a couple of them, in the I'm chasing you away no I'm chasing you away way, although it might easily have gone horribly wrong. Then we went and got me a large icecream (pecan and caramel, coconut and raspberry in a waffle cone) at Altona Ice, at which time C&M stood guard outside. Both at the dog beach and later I spent a li'l time with Jeremy, Narelle and Edith. All fairly laid back. Narelle lent me Rhett Hutchence's book. We also talked briefly about Freud's newie. That's Freud, James Freud. It's called 'Shaken not stirred, I believe I'll polish me a turd'. Speaking of which Charlie barked at a nice-looking charcoally-grey dog of breed indeterminate while in the water. In response, said dog just shat 6 shits into the pristine sea. His/her owner could be seen a few seconds later brandishing a plastic bag, presumably to scoop 'em all out. That's dedication. Personally I would just assume dog shit feeds the bream, or whatever gets fished out of Port Phillip Bay every day.

In truth the James Freud book is called I am the voice left from rehab. With the title and the curious lack of reference to the previous book (I am the voice left from drinking) on the back cover blurb, I initially thought it was some kind of repackage of the first. But nah, it's just the continuing Adventures of Colin McGlinchy, dinky di tales of the drunk punk Freud.


boy moritz said...

bottom photo looks like a painting

Meredith said...

That ice cream sounds really delicious. I didn't know that JF had turned to writing, is it any good?

David said...

The first book was readable but I had objections to many parts of it. The second... I hope to discover soon.