Tuesday, May 09, 2006

train amazement

You might remember last week my train was amazing. This week it was also amazing in a different way. Two rail cars! Who needs that rubbish. I mean it was pretty comfortable and stuff but I still expected so much more. I thought it would be probably a special steam train or something.

Just to show the world is going to pot, no Six Feet Under last night. And I don't like the storyline about Stingray and the drink driving on Neighbours. I'm not sure why. It seems to make me nervous.


sikamikanico said...

Because Stingray looks like he's 12, and shouldn't be driving or drinking or doing anything other than playing handball.

David said...

He looks at least 15, and that's only because he has a cap on backwards (if he took that off he'd look 34, and if he put on a top hat like the youngish goth I saw on the train the other day he'd look 77)