Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Now they’re saying that we’ll get the extension to Craigieburn next year. I am looking forward to Broady not being the terminus anymore though whether it will make any practical difference is difficult to glean. It probably won’t, man. I spoke to a woman at Moonee Ponds station last year who really didn’t want city/electric services extended to C’burn because she lives there and it would mean the end of express trains to the city. But really there should be express C’burn-Broady-Essendon-North Melbourne services anyway, particularly since half the passengers on the Broady line get off at Essendon.

I can’t understand why the extension is taking so long. They don’t have to build new tracks or anything just string up a few electric wires. We got a pamphlet in our letterbox a few weeks after we moved in to Lorraine Crescent with Peter Batchelor practically telling us it was time to buy a ticket to Craigieburn. I’m glad I didn’t. Anyway there is always the distinct possibility that Craigieburn suxs I wonder if it will be zone 2. I suppose so. It’s hard enough to justify Broady being in zone 2. Actually, it’s hard to justify the zoning altogether; people should be rewarded for living further out of the city if you ask me. But no-one did (tsk).


Dorian said...

I totally agree on the zones. People who live further from the city should be encouraged to use public transport over driving. I know we travel further but the inner cityfolk have trams and loads of buses and more trains even.

Alex Makin said...

Peter Batchelor has completely mismanaged the Craigieburn project.

While other Australian cities are radically expanding the size of their rail network our current Transport Minister incapable of completing just one minor extension on time and on budget!

Alex Makin