Wednesday, May 17, 2006

exhausted wednesday

This is my second last exhausted Wednesday, I hope. It's amazing how hard it is to do all this teaching, considering what actually gets done - not much - a lot of it is artfully figuring out how to get away with not doing much (oops, there's an admission). Anyway, I'll be very pleased when it's over. As usual - you never think it's going to happen - but I am going to miss a lot of my students. Mind you, when I think back over previous years I can conjure up fond memories of them, but not necessarily their names or why. Sorry, kids, if any of you are reading this (I always assumed it would only be a matter of time before some smartarse youngster tracked me down and everyone in some class or another read this stuff, it may still happen of course, I don't care a jot naturally, although I suppose I may be made to care a jot if someone holds me up to - shudder - ridicule).

Now I have to muster the energy to go home. I suppose it can be done. Mark six essays en route.


Annabel said...

You think you are exhausted now. Wait till you start that apprenticeship at Jamie's Aussie Fifteen.

David said...

So true. How will I go cooking on the tram back from St Kilda?

boy said...

Have some spaghettio's you'll feel better