Sunday, May 28, 2006

bad bread

The other thing I did yesterday was make a shocking loaf of bread, and a really great one. One thing with making bread, the dough becomes a thick glue when you're trying to wash your hardware. So I was reluctant to just throw the dough away, even though it was clear to me that in my haste I had let it rise too long and the whole thing, having spilt out of the baking receptacle, was just going to be a train wreck (sorry for my insensitivity to anyone who has actually been in a train wreck - hi to Robin Gibb).

So I baked the mother anyway, and have given the result to the dogs, Gavin Butler, and the mouse (see pic). Later in the day I made another, wonderful loaf, which will go down in history for its orange hue (it has pumpkin in it) and all-round edibility.

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