Wednesday, March 22, 2006

ten minutes to lecture

I am sure no-one will walk out of this one. Actually I might, it's going to be as boring as all get-out. Mainly because it's something I know something about - Australian cinema - actually, it's something I know too much about to fit into an hour, and am too enthusiastic about to take an objective point of view about.

I noticed in this week's Big Issue that a DVD of Sunday Too Far Away had been released. Exciting. I think that the idea of owning films is ridiculous, I don't even particularly like owning books that I could get from the library, so if you have been round our house and you notice that I have about a million books, I'm telling you, they're ones I couldn't get from the library. Serioously. But I always like seeing the extras 'an' shit'. I am dead keen to get hold of the DVD of Oz. I know you'll think I'm interesting for saying I enjoy that film more and more. I was reading The New Australian Cinema the other day (which I shouldn't of as it's all about Old Australian cinema! Rip off!) and they said in there that Oz implies that homosexuals are ruining (or was that a typo for running?) the world. I missed that implication but maybe I was so excited by the end when she finally met the Wizard that the other stuff passed me by.

I don't know if I'm tired or on the verge of a nervous breakdown but my hands are shaking and I can't type or spell. (Later: by the way this was meant to not be exactly funny but just whimsical, I am not on the verge of anything good or bad).

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