Sunday, March 19, 2006

commonwealth games

I suppose that I am in favour of diversity and I suppose I believe that people should be free to follow an individual array of pursuits, even when it happens to be almost everyone else's pursuit too. This is why I have not been railing against the Commonwealth Games so far. I have a small clutch of gripes against the event (mainly to do with stupid railway-related incidents) but I suppose if I start writing about them I will get cranky. I imagine that if I repress my irritation on this then when it is all over, which I guess will be actually quite soon, I will be able to forget the CGs ever happened. I mean as I was saying to a colleague the other day if they'd cancelled the CGs a few weeks ago and not told anyone I would have completely forgotten they were ever coming. I am pretty sure in fact that if they cancelled the CGs a few weeks ago, and never said anything about it, in a few months I would be easily convinced that they had happened and were no big deal and Australia won a lot of thingies. For someone so committed to diversity and plurality and blah, I am really disgusting in the way I take such perverse pride in how much I just don't care at all about things like Commonwealth Games. I care as much about the Commonwealth Games as I do about:

Reality television
Life on other planets, the search for
U2, the postponed tour of... actually, just U2 generally
The fashion industry
Marvel comics

There are more but I will start getting really offensive... yep, more offensive than that Marvel thing.

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Adam said...

Oh, David. You don't care about Marvel Comics? What about DC? Or Image? Or the ill-fated Valiant?