Thursday, March 09, 2006


Overheard snippet of conversation between two middle-aged colleagues, man and woman. I call them colleagues but I don't actually know who they are, just know them by sight.

She: Do you know your students' names yet?
He: All the good looking girls! (with the suggestion of: 'of course')
She: I'm luckier than you because there are so few boys. I know all their names.

What that last bit meant I am not entirely sure but I was only walking past so didn't get his reply.

Speaking of walking past I do get frustrated. I overheard a student saying 'So she called me up and said, I'm sorry but I can't be your best friend anymore because...' and I was walking past, in a stream of human traffic, so I missed the rest of it. Damn! I so much want to know.


boy said...

I watched an episode of Strangers with Candy last night. The science teacher was dating one of the students. She was in the middle of dissecting a pig and he walked up, grabbed the scalpel, extracted a few parts and then on the workbench laid them all out. The eye, the heart and another bit I'm not so sure of, but it made a u. Oddly emotive.

annabel said...

campus life sounds such a hot bed of lust and intrigue. How I long for varsity days.

Lucy Tartan said...

There are so many more women than men in English subjects that it's really hard not to learn the men names long before the women names. That's got to look bad.