Wednesday, March 22, 2006

espionage dream

Awoke around 2 am from crazy espionage-style 'no-one must have that recipe' type dream (a cake mix, not egg salad), with guns and helicopters. This led naturally into being wide awake and contemplating all the stuff I had to do. Got up to do it and ended up writing these lines instead. I wish I had never got involved in that espionage.

Talking with my mother this morning I mentioned this dream and she said I wonder what it symbolises. I said my dreams never symbolise anything; someone, somewhere yesterday said something to me about spies or spying, and I had some packet soup last night and that reminds me of cake mix.


boy said...

Hey ask your mother some questions about recent espionage cases. Peek in her handbag while she's making you a cuppa - find the helicopter pilot's license!

David said...

She knows nothing.

boy said...

He's too far gone, folks. I knew he shouldn't have had that cuppa! Oh man. She must have slipped him the mickey!